Top 4 already? Wow, this seasons gone fast.

Sorry I haven't reviewed since the Britney Challenge, I've been busy

All Crew Opening Number: I thought overall it was good. It seemed a little crowded but that was my only complaint. I think that Beat Freaks and Quest were the best parts and Strikers and Fly Khicks were kind of there to take up space. Towards the end, the crews got the audience involved and it was really cool.

Lets go to Quest Crew and Fly Khicks.

The saved crew is...Quest Crew!

Quest Crew Song: Forever by Chris Brown
They killed it. In my opinion, they haven't had an off performance yet even though the judges didn't like last week or week 2. I liked the beginning where the guy did a backflip when the music went "1,2,3,4"

Lets go to Strikers All Stars and Beat Freaks

The saved crew is...Beat Freaks!

Beat Freaks song: Hot N Cold by Katy Perry

I love the Beat Freaks. The headspin at the end was great and I think this crew will win. I don't think that Shane's comment was fair to the other 3 crews "Yall's name shouldn't be Beat Freaks, it should be America's Best Dance Crew" I think that was prejudiced and I haven't seen him show this much favoritism so far.


Bottom 2: Fly Khicks and Strikers All Stars
My Opinion: No surprise. That's all.


Strikers All Stars Song: Rompe by Daddy Yankee

I was really hoping they would wear Jabba masks for a portion of their performance. They did ok, considering the one guys mess up. That totally screwed them.


Fly Khicks Song: Pon De Replay by Rihanna (A Chris Brown song and a Rihanna song in the same week, is MTV messing with us?)


It was OK. I don't think this crew should've made it this far but tonight was ok for them.

The elimination: Strikers All Stars

I've loved Strikers All Stars all season but their mess up totally screwed em.


My prediction for the bottom 2 next week: Beat Freaks and Quest Crew

They're both from the West, only one of them can make it to the top two, MTV says so!