All the Songs this week are by Pop Star, Britney Spears

Beat Freaks - Song: Womanizer

Ok, I love this group. They really started the show strong. They were really good this week.

Hey, Fanny Pak's in the Audience!

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Strikers All Stars - Song: Gimme More

I definately see this group making it to the top 3. They were amazing this week. I love the mirror effect they made.


Dynamic Edition - Song: Stronger

I'm sorry to all the cloggers out there, but this group needs to do something new. Their clogging has gotten pretty old. They're great cloggers, but it seems like they do the same thing over and over again.


Quest Crew - Song: Toxic

Wow. Amazing. I was kind of mad a few days ago when I read that they had to use blindfolds in their performance, because it sounded like MTV was trying to sabotage them, considering Team Millennia's challenge was to use a cane. They absolutely destroyed the competition tonight though. Their performance wasn't even the best part, it was seeing JC eat his own words. HA!


Fly Khicks - Song: Hit Me Baby One More Time

I was hoping this would be the last time we'd have to see these ladies. Sadly, that was not the case. However, I think they got a bit better this week. Their pirouette thing at the very end was cool, but other than that it was just alright.


The Bottom 2 Crews: Ringmasters and Team Millennia

My Reaction to This: I'm not surprised. Ringmasters had little or no choreography in their routine last week, and Team Millennia is just plain boring to watch.

Performances of Bottom 2:

Team Millennia - Song: Me Against the Music

They were Ok. They use good choreography, but I've never really been impressed by them. Their challenge was to use a cane, which I thought was way easier than having to wear blindfolds, or to create a mirror image of yourself. They didn't excite me this week and I've grown tired of them.


Ringmasters - Song: Circus

This group is insane!!! They still flexed this routine, but they listened to the judges and used actual choreography this time.

My Favorite 4 Performances of the Night:
1. Strikers All Stars

2. Ringmasters

3. Beat Freaks

4. Quest Crew

The Eliminated Crew: Team Millennia

In all fairness, this crew is great. However, they were outperformed tonight, and I feel that the judges choice was a fair one.

My Predictions for the Bottom 2 Next Week:

Dynamic Edition

Fly Khicks

Eliminated Crew: Fly Khicks